Ask a question     ask the community asking question... buy online viagra review | categories     amazon arts business computers consumer electronics education & reference entertainment environment family food & drink games & leisure gift ideas health home lifestyle local miscellaneous pets politics & law science society sports & recreation transportation search categories: | search     search askville sign up | log in ask or answer a question to join our community. Recently i am diagnosed with chronic anal fissure. Do you think i shall have the anorectal surgery? Isaheisahe loading stats... cheap generic viagra Loading awards... is generic viagra from canada safe Sign in and you can:  private message  become a friend  follow   recently i am diagnosed with chronic anal fissure. Do you think i shall have the anorectal surgery? Cheap genuine viagra uk My doctor urges me to have the surgery asap. viagra canada official Since i was treating it via home made remedies, i am reluctant to undergo the knife. buy cheap viagra canada As you know there are about 10% of having incontinence problem and also other problems. Viagra how many times I am 28 years old and i am afraid if i a wind up in the 10% people who get the problem. female viagra does it work Asked by isahe 55 months ago   similar questions: recently diagnosed chronic anal fissure anorectal surgery recent questions about: recently diagnosed chronic anal fissure anorectal surgery health > surgery answers answer from haleybob 1 people found this helpful if you're unsure, get a second opinion... I'm 24 and i know they're not fun. viagra for sale   they're considered to be heredity and can be caused by such simple things, but still not many people take action if they have one because they don't know what it is!     my aunt had surgery to correct a chronic fissure and has had no problems. generic viagra without presciption usa   she said healing sucked, but she's happier for it.     talk to your doctor about what would increase your risks for incontinence and share your concerns. generic viagra online   get a second opinion about surgery--or even there's different surgery strategies. Can take zoloft viagra     is it a cauterization, basically?     that's how my aunt discribed it.   from web md: "in some cases the risk of incontinence is too great to justify doing lateral internal sphincterotomy. cheap generic viagra This may be true for women who develop a fissure while giving birth, because they typically do not have a high resting pressure in their internal sphincter. A procedure called anal advancement flap may be done instead of sphincterotomy. safe place to buy viagra online 1 in this procedure, the edges of the fissure are removed, and healthy tissue is sewn over the area. "   best of luck! buy cheap viagra Sources: sign in to report abuse or send a compliment haleybob 55 months ago please sign in to give a compliment. buy viagra online Please verify your account to give a compliment. viagra canada official Please sign in to send a message. Please verify your account to send a message. order viagra cheap viagra soft tabs take viagra ukrainian band