Rs or difficulty in swallowing  as psychiatric disorders such as depression, manic behaviour or suicidal impulses. viagra cheap overnight   how is the disease diagnosed? viagra on insurance Individuals between 3 and 45 years of age who show signs of any of the previously mentioned symptoms should be screened for wilson disease. illegal purchase viagra online Any child or teenager with unexplained liver disease should be tested for wilson disease. viagra patent expiration date us   the diagnosis can be confirmed with blood tests measuring serum copper and ceruloplasmin, a blood protein that contains copper.   another diagnostic test for this disease is the presence of kayser-fleischer rings which show an accumulation of copper around the cornea, sometimes visible to the naked eye, but usually requiring slit-lamp examination.   measurements of urinary copper are also useful for making the diagnosis. viagra no prescription The gene responsible for wilson disease has been discovered. Conclusive genetic testing is now available to diagnose affected brothers and sisters before they show disease symptoms.   individuals who are found to have the defective gene can be treated before problems arise.   now that the gene responsible for wilson disease has been identified, more research is needed to identify all of the changes in the gene.   how is the disease treated? viagra samples   once detected, effective treatments are available to treat wilson disease, even in advanced stages. The toxic concentration of copper in the body must be removed and its reaccumulation prevented.   this is done with the use of a decoppering agent such as penicillamine or with high-dose zinc.   can it be completely cured?   the treatment does not correct the fundamental flaw in liver function.   therefore, to prevent reaccumulation of copper in the body, treatment must be continued throughout the patient's entire lifetime. buy viagra online     what precautions should be taken against this disease?   since the gene transmitting the disease is recessively inherited, siblings of a patient have a 25 per cent chance of being affected.   therefore, when a new case is diagnosed, all siblings should be screened for the disease. buy viagra What else can we learn about it?   the canadian liver foundation is proud to have s. viagra pills viagra canada