Visit our other sites â» main network of care page network of care home services find services add or correct info how to use the database library key health articles medications medical tests support groups interactive tools symptom checker all health topics by category legislate state federal links local links state links national links insurance support & advocacy my phr my personal health record / my folder use the personal health record (phr) to organize and store important medical and healthcare-related information. buy cheap viagra Create folders for yourself, family members, or others you care for. viagra uk net reviews Snyder county snyder county mental /behavioral health change language english version large print emergency services topic contents topic overview other places to get help related information references credits key health articles medications medical tests support groups interactive tools symptom checker all health topics by category add to phr gastroparesis gastroparesis topic overview what is gastroparesis? Gastroparesis is a disorder in which the stomach takes too long to empty after eating. The delay results in bothersome and possibly serious symptoms because digestion is altered. What causes gastroparesis? viagra overdose effects Gastroparesis occurs when the nerves to the stomach are damaged or don't work. Diabetes is the most common cause. viagra canada Other causes include some disorders of the nervous system, such as parkinson's disease and stroke , and some medicines, such as tricyclic antidepressants, calcium channel blockers , and narcotics. It can also be a complication of gastric surgery. difference between generic and brand viagra What are the symptoms? buy generic viagra Symptoms are intermittent and most often occur during and after a meal. They include: a feeling of fullness after only a few bites of food. Frequent bloated feeling. Belching and hiccups. viagra side effect Heartburn or vague stomach pain. buy viagra without prescription Nausea or vomiting. buy viagra online Loss of appetite and weight loss. Symptoms range from mild to severe. Severe symptoms of gastroparesis may improve with treatment using medicines that help the stomach empty more quickly (motility agents). In very severe cases, a feeding tube placed in the small intestine may be needed. A person with gastroparesis also may have episodes of high and low blood sugar levels. how long before intercourse should you take viagra Gastroparesis may be suspected in a person with diabetes who has upper digestive tract symptoms or has blood sugar levels that are hard to. purchase generic viagra online