Sort Us Out !

We’re Hairdressers & salon owners from a small regional town in New South Wales called Albury, situated between Melbourne & Sydney.

We’ve come up with a simple invention to colour code stylists equipment to make salons more efficient.

After being frustrated with loosing brushes & wasting time searching for personal styling tools we searched on the internet to find a product that would allow us to colour code equipment in the salon.

We didn’t want to use the cheap conventional methods of painting nail polish or using hair ties.

We wanted something classy & professional & to our dismay we could not find anything on the market.

So hence we started to think about how we could design a product.

After researching & developing many ideas and proto-types we came up with ‘SORT US OUT’ – a simple ring that colour codes up to 10 stylists brushes/equipment in 3 sizes. Using a matching colour plate to code the rings with your equipment trolley for easy identification.

Our range currently has 15 colours which can be used singularly or mixed to offer a range of over 50 combinations.

We believe that this product fits 99% of brushes in the market place – fitting sizes from circumference of 3.5 cm to 9.5 cm

No more wasting time

Stylists will be able to keep track & organise their equipment easier.

Salons look professional & organised & money wont be wasted on time.

We hope you like our idea!

'The Team @ Sort Us Out'

1- What are the large sized rings best used for?
The large rings are best used for electric equipment such as hair dryers, straightening irons, curling tongs etc as they are large enough to stretch over the electrical plug. It can also be used on brushes with larger handles or hair dusting brushes.
2- What surfaces will the colour plates stick to?
The colour plates will stick to any clean, dry & flat surface. Such as hard plastic, glass, 2pac paint finishes, and smooth finished Laminex. It's crucial to clean & allow the surface to dry before applying the colour plate.
3- Do you ship overseas?
Yes, we can arrange to ship our product anywhere you choose. Please note that overseas shipping will incur extra costs.
4- Will you be expanding your colour range?
Yes dependant on sales popularity and customer requests.

The colour rings also act as a grip – Place along your brush in a comfortable position.
Equipment is quickly identifiable – saving you time
Quick & Easy to set up
Rings are easily fitted - just stretch the correct size ring over the brush handle or piece of equipment.
Rings & Plates make for easy organization & quick identification
Saves time sorting brushes at the end of the day